How to use “in press” with biblatex-apa


Johannes titz


6. Mai 2022

If your bib-file includes a DATE-field with “in press”, it will not be displayed correctly with biblatex-apa. In the manual of biblatex-apa the proper way to do it is explained:

In addition to the standard PUBSTATE field publication state localisation string “in press”, the HOWPUBLISHED field offers also the following localisation strings (APA 10.8). There is no better way to do this as such states are language dependent and need localisation strings:

  • manunpub Unpublished Manuscript
  • maninprep Manuscript in preparation
  • mansub Manuscript submitted for publication”

So in your bib file just use PUBSTATE or HOWPUBLISHED:

  PUBSTATE = {in press}